Sage 1.2.1 Released

August 16th, 2004

Sage 1.2.1 has been released. This is a maintenance release that fixes a few RSS and OPML parsing issues as well as an encoding problem in the French locale.

Sage 1.2 Released

August 8th, 2004

Sage 1.2 has been released. Changes include:

  • Feed Discovery: one click finds any feeds in the current document
  • Zero configuration install: much easier getting started for new users
  • French, Italian, Dutch, and Hungarian locale support
  • Many bug fixes, tweaks, and enhancements

Thanks to all those who have been participating through feature suggestions, bug reports, locale translations, and patches. Keep the feedback coming.

Sage 1.1 Released

June 14th, 2004

Sage 1.1 has been released. Changes include:

  • New feed parsing model, much improved update detection
  • Technorati integration
  • Automatic feed bookmark titling
  • Firefox 0.9 Extension Manager support

Sage 1.0 Released

May 23rd, 2004

Sage 1.0 is available. It adds:

  • Parsing and display of item publish dates
  • Various UI tweaks
  • More robust uninstall
  • Atom parsing fix, broken html tags fix (hat tip to Chris Farmer)

For those who want to evaluate it, Sage will peacefully coexist with your current rssreader installation.

Sage Project Launched!

May 18th, 2004

Sage will build on flyson’s excellent RSS Reader Panel extension to create a well rounded, lightweight feed reader for Mozilla Firefox. A first release will be available soon, containing fixes and enhancements that I’ve made over the last few months as well as some patches from the community. Many thanks to flyson for laying the foundation with one of the most useful Firefox extentions available.