Sage 1.5.4 Released

Sage 1.5.4 has been released. This is a maintenance release fixing an install issue on Firefox 38.

  • Now able to install or upgrade on Firefox 38

You can install Sage 1.5.4 here.

9 Responses to “Sage 1.5.4 Released”

  1. lyrabee says:

    hey, first of all: i love sage and still hope that one day it will be available for chrome as i only stick with firefox because of sage!
    unfortunately since i have updated to firefox 42 on mac os x el capitan sage is behaving weird: sometimes the “header bars” in the sage sidebar (the empty bar above the feed list and the bar above the item list) become completely black and/or the name of the currently chosen feed is displayed kind of “frazzled” in the bar. unfortunately i can’t describe it any better. thx for maybe looking into it :)

  2. lyrabee says:

    it happened with an earlier version of ff as well, but i’m note sure anymore, with which version of ff – some months ago. but it didn’t last long as with either some ff or sage update it was gone. the only add-on i use beside sage is screengrab.

  3. Rogier says:

    I have the same problem with Sage in ff43 on Mac OS X El Capitan..

  4. lyrabee says:

    the problem still persists with ff 46.0.1 / is there any chance that it will be fixed one day, or has the development of sage been eventually stopped?

  5. Zauberweib says:

    I just wanna say _thank_you_very_much_ for that great addon! I was searching for something comparable for other browser than Firefox and I found NOTHING! Of course there _are_ feed-reader – but they aren’t very useful in my opinion. Sage is the one and only which makes ja real good job! You can have a look on the results of my research (its german):–fuettern-und-lesen

    It would be grateful, Sage would run in Seamonkey, too. Any chance for it?

    Please go on doing this very very good job! Thanks!

  6. lyrabee says:

    for me the problem is gone since ff48! i use ff48 for a month now, and there is no more “frazzling” :)

  7. poltiser says:

    Same system FFx49 – no changes in interface but if sage is open in FFx the FFx does not quit – freezes instead: no window, bar menus present only but unresponsive – I have to “force quit”…
    Please advise.

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