Sage 1.5.4 Released

Sage 1.5.4 has been released. This is a maintenance release fixing an install issue on Firefox 38.

  • Now able to install or upgrade on Firefox 38

You can install Sage 1.5.4 here.

12 Responses to “Sage 1.5.4 Released”

  1. lyrabee says:

    hey, first of all: i love sage and still hope that one day it will be available for chrome as i only stick with firefox because of sage!
    unfortunately since i have updated to firefox 42 on mac os x el capitan sage is behaving weird: sometimes the “header bars” in the sage sidebar (the empty bar above the feed list and the bar above the item list) become completely black and/or the name of the currently chosen feed is displayed kind of “frazzled” in the bar. unfortunately i can’t describe it any better. thx for maybe looking into it :)

  2. lyrabee says:

    it happened with an earlier version of ff as well, but i’m note sure anymore, with which version of ff – some months ago. but it didn’t last long as with either some ff or sage update it was gone. the only add-on i use beside sage is screengrab.

  3. Rogier says:

    I have the same problem with Sage in ff43 on Mac OS X El Capitan..

  4. lyrabee says:

    the problem still persists with ff 46.0.1 / is there any chance that it will be fixed one day, or has the development of sage been eventually stopped?

  5. Zauberweib says:

    I just wanna say _thank_you_very_much_ for that great addon! I was searching for something comparable for other browser than Firefox and I found NOTHING! Of course there _are_ feed-reader – but they aren’t very useful in my opinion. Sage is the one and only which makes ja real good job! You can have a look on the results of my research (its german):–fuettern-und-lesen

    It would be grateful, Sage would run in Seamonkey, too. Any chance for it?

    Please go on doing this very very good job! Thanks!

  6. lyrabee says:

    for me the problem is gone since ff48! i use ff48 for a month now, and there is no more “frazzling” :)

  7. poltiser says:

    Same system FFx49 – no changes in interface but if sage is open in FFx the FFx does not quit – freezes instead: no window, bar menus present only but unresponsive – I have to “force quit”…
    Please advise.

  8. Ruatool says:

    I have had an ongoing problem for some months now. The title page doesn’t display, I get a message that says the “Address wasn’t understood”. i.e. my first feed is Ars Technica and when you click on the title in the top left box the page doesn’t display, I get that message. But all the article titles in the bottom left box work fine, the page displays properly.I’m now running 53.0, but I’ve had this problem for months.

  9. lyrabee says:

    today i updated to ff 54, and now sage unfortunately does not show the feeds anymore :( the sage bar is still there, but no feeds inside… ff does not say anything about incompatibility, but it seems there is one…

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