Sage 1.4.13 Released

Sage 1.4.13 has been released. This is a maintenance release providing compatibility for upcoming Firefox 17.

The following issue has been addressed:

  • Feed rendering broken in Firefox 17 (Issue 85)

5 Responses to “Sage 1.4.13 Released”

  1. Thank you very much :-) Finally I can return to my favorite channel Aurora.
    I have downgraded to 16.0 for this bug now solved. Thanks again.

  2. pawel says:

    could you make sage compatible with firefox for android ?

  3. figurine says:

    As Pawel, I could be really interested if Sage was compatible with Firefox? May we have an answer? thanks ;)

  4. clas says:

    I would love sage for chrome. I use both FF and chrome and I miss it in chrome. thanks for a great addon.

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