Sage 1.4.12 Released

Sage 1.4.12 has been released. This is a maintenance release providing Firefox 5 compatibility.

The following issue has been addressed:

  • Feeds don’t load with Firefox 5 (Issue 59)

25 Responses to “Sage 1.4.12 Released”

  1. Sean Kerner says:

    Hazzaaah! and Thank-you!! Quick q – are you set up for Firefox 6 and 7 now too? Or will you have to do the ‘heavy lifting’ again for those releases?

  2. Kim Pedersen says:

    Thanks! Life is good.

  3. pd says:

    Thanks for this, excellent timing. Brilliant! The rapid-release cycle would be a nightmare without the Sage people keeping up.

    Re JetPack, it offers shortcuts to old-school components and interfaces AFAIK:

    const {Cc, Ci} = require(“chrome”);

    This allows access to the full old-school APIs AFAIK, such as I was writing something where I wanted to access to nsIFilePicker’s ability to prompt users for a folder. The JetPack file API cannot do this, only allowed prompting for files. So I did this sort of thing:

    const nsIFP = Ci.nsIFilePicker;

    var dirPicker = Cc[";1"].createInstance(nsIFP);

    and away I went.

    Perhaps this approach can help you switch to JetPack even though simple APIs like a sidebar API are not yet available for JetPack?

    • Moving away from chrome overlays would be the biggest challenge in a move to the Add-on SDK. I’m not sure there’s a way to provide a traditional sidebar yet.

      • pd says:

        Definitely. I was thinking the same. I think version 1 of the API should have had a sidebar API however they seem to be focusing on the most trivial things that your average joe apparently wants to. Things like putting an item in the main context menu and toolbars and trivia like that. Given sidebar is Sage’s primary UI definitely need support for that. On the other hand the JetPack devs were reasonably open to feedback when I was looking at JetPack 3 to 6 months ago. Can’t hurt to drop them a suggestion on their discussion group:

  4. Bob Myers says:

    Thanks for fixing this one. Think of this as a suggestion, but it would be cool if you could provide a short blog post on what changed and how you fixed it. Might help create some new maintainers.

    • True, I could be putting in a few more words about the fixes that are going in. I’ll see what I can do. The problem is that with these maintenance releases, it’s not terribly interesting. I include links to the closed issue reports so that those who are interested can drill all the way down to the code commits if they like. In the case of a minor or major release, I would definitely spend more time talking about the new functionality.

  5. Sage Lover says:

    Thank You!!

  6. Schimi says:


    donĀ“t worl with Firefox 6 Beta

  7. Asthur says:

    It works with Aurora build. Version 7.0a2 (2011-08-03)

  8. John says:

    Need a fix for Firefox 6

  9. Dave says:

    It definitely doesn’t work with FF6. Any chance you’ll be making an update soon? Sage is my FAVORITE RSS reader and I really will miss it until there’s an update.

  10. Jonas says:

    Hi, any news on when a FF8 compatible version will be out? :-)

  11. ted says:

    how can i tell which version, (release) i have.

  12. Gero says:

    Still works great. It would perform much better, if marking all items as read would not put them into history, or alternatively if only those currently being unread were put into history. Current behaviour adversely affects autocomplete, since many items that the user never has actively seen, appear there because of being multiply put into history.

  13. zqwerty says:

    No longer working correctly in Firefox 17

  14. zqwerty says:

    Thanks for fixing

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