Sage 1.5.2 Released

Sage 1.5.2 has been released. This is a maintenance release addressing a number of feed checking and parsing failures as well as other miscellaneous bugs.

  • Fixed some issues that could cause the ‘Check Feeds’ action to fail
  • Resolved a problem parsing feeds using certain character encodings
  • Sage feed folder management more robust
  • Better handling of feed items that don’t have a link

You can install Sage 1.5.2 here.

We’re still working our way through the review queue, so you won’t be seeing an automatic update for at least a week or so.

26 Responses to “Sage 1.5.2 Released”

  1. Don Pedro says:

    would like to try the “new” sage, but you chose not acceptable version of firefox, something else you can use the 19.0.2 not later

    however, it is time to look for an alternative sage, sage as the quality drops as the quality of firefox

    sage was perfect at the time firefix 2.0.20 – no problems with the feeds, with the focus, there were no problems.
    firefox 2.0.20 after getting worse and sage, just gets worse, to the same sort of correction can be seen only on the worst versions of firefox, which are not needed

    • Xeron says:

      I don’t think you would like to use Firefox 2.0 for any recent website (even sage 1.4 needs firefox 3.0+). It’s true that many things are not solved in the best way (adding of unneeded features – would have been better to have them as addons, like personas and sync -, many design changes, the “new” “better” mozilla sdk for addons isn’t ready to replace normal addons despite being “offical” since version 4.0) but most changes made firefox better (html 5/css 3 support, better javascript performance, smaller memory footprint and yeah…also the mozilla sdk as it is nice to have restartless addons).

      And by the way…what’s the dealbreaker with Firefox 20? I can’t find any big changes except per-window private browsing.

      Oh and alternatives for Sage…there is no real alternative. I looked everywhere many times (each time sage broke for a new firefox version…^^) but every rss addon I tried could not reach the comfort I had with sage (except sage++ but that had it’s own problems and way based on sage…so not really something else).

  2. Don Pedro says:

    I updated firefox 2.0.20 only about a month ago, and just because one site.
    No other reason – a site specifically killing firefox 2.0.20 fangled curves scripts.
    All I see is constant and the vast majority of what I look for the first time and worked perfectly with firefox 2.0.20
    Tried all versions up to a 4 – the result is always the same: more memory, slowly open the page. Change very often, and carefully selected plugins fall off in batches. Imposed ridiculous gui, removed the status bar, added some minor non-expansive windows. I do not like to make such a Martian.
    And from one version to plug in more sloppy code (functional), they need to strive for firefox and no longer to debug and forethought. Few exceptions. Sage is no exception – all that was in the version for FF 2.0.20 broken and now we have to decide whether to correct errors or add compatibility, without a plan and without a thought for sure. Why, have released 21, oh no, for 22, although stand – for 23.

    A month ago, I installed 19.0.2 and then immediately tried everything to 23 inclusive – frustratingly, solid grief. I do not see any reason to discuss. Now tolerate 17.0.8 ESR – bad version too, but at least it does not change every day

    Why not support FF ESR?

    • Xeron says:

      What is the problem with “more memory” if it is used to make pages faster? It can only be a problem if it is used on an old machine and yes: old versions of firefox are better on these but you miss a lot of features needed for some pages (html 5/css 3/faster javascript). I wouldn’t be surprised if some pages are slower with new versions because they load more content (browser switch!). I am not a fan of javascript myself (nearly 90% of all things done with javascript could be done with css…) but thats not the fault of firefox but by the creators of the sites.
      And about broken addons: only one addon of mine got broken in the last 7 or 8 versions of firefox…and that was…yeah i think it was sage…(and i am using 16 addons) Most addons broke between versions 3 and 4 and some i think with version 10 or so but after that there were no big problems since most “broken” addons only had an old version tag (like 3.* as supported version).

      About the status bar:
      I don’t really miss it anymore. The addon-bar is good enough but yes it was a change that wasn’t needed at all.

      • Xeron says:

        Oh before i forget: I am not really happy with some changes (i said that before^^) so i understand what you mean but i am not (yet) disappointet with firefox as i like html 5 and css 3 (especially as i don’t like javascript which is not needed as much if you use css 3/html 5 instead).

  3. Don Pedro says:

    and two more things
    - The alternative – personally I have a backup FF 2.0.20
    - And about “reach the comfort”
    simple plan of action
    1) The cursor is usually right – why not put a panel sage right of choice. If we are talking about comfort, we would have less to carry his arm.
    2) do not run the update feeds when you open the panel
    3) always keep the focus (blue bar in the panel)
    4) does not mark the headlines gray if the list is marked
    5) Do not ever try to read the feed, and to miss it

    and if the sage does not depend on the version of FF so fatal, it would be great to do

    • Xeron says:

      1) I think this is a problem with firefox and not with sage as the sidebar is a normal ui element (by the way: this could be changing if the sidebar gets a mozilla sdk counterpart as the draft of it looks like it’s “more usefull” – free positioning, content can be styled in more ways, etc.)
      2) This will get an option in the near future (
      3) I don’t know what you mean…the sage tab does not loose focus if you open a link with middle click…
      4) I don’t get this either…if I click “mark all as read” it does work as intended (except for feed items without links but that is already on the bug tracker and was this way since the beginning)
      5) huh???

      About version dependence:
      It isn’t…except Firefox 22 there was no major “break” since some time. It’s only if mozilla changes some core aspects used by sage.

  4. Jason Holmes says:

    Please, please, **please** make the automatic checking of feeds an **option**.

    Right now Sage queries the network 50+ times every time I launch Firefox. This means there are 1000’s of unnecessary DNS lookup and traffic to servers every day.

    This is **unacceptable**.

    • FireMind says:

      Please allow configuration of the automatic feed update on FF start. As a Info Security person, I’ve just wasted a couple of hours trying to track down what looked liked potential botnet traffic from a PC due to this feature. Please allow users to switch this behaviour off ASAP.

      Other than that – thanks for a great extension – all the best for the future!

      • S: Hansen says:

        Sage was my favorite addon – until I recently discovered through a security expert that, as seen from the outside, it makes my computer/IP look like a bot.
        There is no possibility to manually alter the refresh interval. Plus there is no guarantee that the user data collected stay “anonymous.”

  5. Xeron says:

    In regard to what Don Pedro said:
    Firefox 25 could be a deal breaker (for me) as there seems to be a complete ui redesign which includes a lot of deprecation of old stuff. This could be a problem for Sage and many many other addons (and it’s ugly as hell). Luckily Firefox 24 is an ESR but if Firefox will really make all the changes announced for 25 I (and probably many others) will be looking for alternatives (which hopefully support Firefox addons…^^).


  6. MrAli says:

    add right-to-left (RTL) languages support to sage, please.

  7. Justin says:

    Is there a reason why recent versions have removed the ability to put Sage’s Feeds Folder inside Firefox’s “Unsorted Bookmarks” section? It was great to have my sage feeds not need to appear in the bookmarks drop down menu.

  8. Aranos says:

    Like I said (I used the nick Xeron on this blog before but as I am known as Aranos on the Mozilla site i will use this now) I wrote a addon with the changes I mentioned.
    It’s fully working for correct RSS 2.0 feeds (Google News does a really bad job respecting the specs -> no description in channel) and also working with forms of Atom feeds (but using RSS parser atm).
    It implements read states as hash table lookup which is working quite nicely. Link read states as before are possible too because you can color the links with css which can be changed easily.

    Only problems so far:
    - no sidebar (thanks Mozilla!…Sidebar API coming in like 4-10 Firefox versions, probably on Nightly in the next version or so -_-)
    - no bookmarks (…same as above…no Places API)

    It’s more or less a demo addon for now but it should be easily portable for sage as new and old addons can work together (but don’t know how to work with XUL yet).

  9. David says:

    Version 1.5.2 also has another irritating bug…

    This version was (I believe) a quick fix to make Sage compatible with Firefox version 21ish? In any case, the fix introduced a new bug. The feeds do not remember if they have been read or not. So essentially all feeds are always unread. Very irritating.

  10. Poltiser says:

    export – does not export anything (it would be desirable if I can choose the set to export)
    I think you should know –
    and how can I stop automatic updating of feeds (waist of time if I don’t need it)

    your program is good and very handy
    so far in many years those are the annoyances I found

    Best regards

  11. pd says:

    Just installed Sage on my work machine after an absence from work and various problems with my machine plus being too busy to read RSS much.

    Great to see Sage seems to still be working fine in Firefox 37.0.2 at least.

  12. zqwerty says:

    Sage no longer working correctly in Firefox 40, all new versions beta.

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