Sage 1.4.6 Released

Sage 1.4.6 has been released. This is a maintenance release providing bug fixes and security improvements.

The following issues have been addressed:

22 Responses to “Sage 1.4.6 Released”

  1. pd says:

    Thank you muchly for this update. The status of feeds not changing was a real PITA. Personally I had to roll my mouse of the feeds tree area to get feeds bolded if they had new items.

    Great to see work on Sage continues. Without Sage Firefox’s feed handling is atrocious.

  2. Brilliant – thanks for this! Really good to have Sage back working as well as it did before.

  3. onny says:

    awesome update! this tool really rocks! hope i could contribute to this project really soon!

  4. ThunderFox says:

    Very nice. Thanks for correcting these issues. Seems to work much better now.

  5. K-diddy says:

    Beautiful! Thanks. Didn’t a previous version of Sage support a feature/option to configure automatic scheduled checking of feed updates?

  6. Wakko says:

    Sage 1.4.6 causes high CPU load of around 25% on my Firefox 3.6. After starting Firefox CPU load is normal but when we open Sage sidebar then increasing after a while up to 25%. Sage sidebar is opened all the time. After closing Sage sidebar it went back to normal.

  7. Wakko says:

    When we press “Check Feeds” button then CPU loading is 25%, after checking all feeds CPU loading is stay 25%. But if we close and reopen Sage sidebar – then CPU loading went back to normal.

    • Billbo says:

      Im seeing the same CPU load issue as well. Clocking check feeds pushes firefox up to 30% of CPU and it stays there. Closing and reopening the sidebar drops back to nothing. This
      is under Ubuntu 9.10 with the default firefox install.

  8. Tomas says:

    Thanks for the update, Sage is superior to the other RSS readers in Firefox. Im crippled without sage.

  9. gafatoa says:

    Thanks a lot for this update.

    Just a request (sorry if already possible):
    Can a folder reflect its items states ? (its name in bold if it contains at least one item in bold)

    Keep up the good work

  10. Dennis says:

    I seem to be having a problem.

    At work, I upgraded to FF 3.6.2 and installed Sage 1.4.6 and everything works fine.

    At home, I did the same thing. Discover Feeds finds the feed, but the Add Feed button does not work – nothing is added to the side panel.

    Using XP Home SP3

  11. Dub says:

    Wonderful program, was pleased to see it revived but recently the sage icon would not always appear in the Firefox navigation bar & more recently fails to appear at all, have tried removing sage 1.4.6 & re-installing with no success. Using windows XP Professional SP3 (up to date with all windows patches etc) Firefox 3.6.3.

    Keep up the good work it’s much appreciated.

  12. Paige says:

    I have an intermittent problem. Sometimes I will add an RSS feed, and SAGE freezes. The “Check Feeds” button does nothing, and the offending feed, although it appears in the Sage side panel, cannot be deleted or modified in any way. The only was I have found to return Sage to its proper mode of operation is to restore a backup of the Firefox bookmarks file from a few days ago. This happens with Sage 1.4.6 (and earlier versions too), Firefox 3.6.3 (and earlier versions, too), under Windows XP and Windows Vista. An example of such a feed can be found at, but it has happened with other feeds as well.

  13. Sad Sage User says:

    I encounter the same error as my precessors: Sage 1.4.6 on Firefox 3.6.3 does not work anymore. the side pane does not show any entries anymore. And I cannot add any new feeds.

    Hope to see a fix soon. Thanks for the great work so far!!!

  14. Sad Sage User says:

    Encountered the same error. side pane does not contain any entries any more after updating to firefox 3.6.3 – sad news.If I try to set the Folder for news via settings Sage does not commit the change.

    I hope to see a fix here soon – Sage worked perfectly for my purposes so far.

  15. Paige says:

    This continues to happen frequently when I add a feed. Each time, I have to replace the Firefox bookmark file with a backup. Not fun.

    • Hi Paige, does this happen every time you add a feed, or just occasionally? Can you tell me what method youre using to add the feed (Discover Feeds, drag and drop, add bookmark, etc)?

  16. Paige says:

    It happens with certain feeds. Not all. But once I have added one of these “problem” feeds, then the “Check Feeds” button fails to operate. The only way I have found to fix this is to replace the places.sqlite file with a backup made from before the “problem” feed was added.

    I add the feed by clicking on the “Discover Feeds” icon in the Sage sidebar.

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